Repatriëring monuta

Monuta’s repatriation service

Monuta is the largest funeral business in the Netherlands with more than 93 years of experience. Every year we take care of approximately 15.000 funerals and 300 repatriations. Monuta covers the whole of the Netherlands with 100 funeral centres.

Monuta Service Centre Repatriation 

Arranging for the deceased to be brought back to his or her native country is coordinated from Monuta’s repatriation service. Our employees can be contacted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Professional, trained advisers work for Monuta SCR. They have daily contact with a carefully structured network of contacts and funeral businesses throughout the world. Our employees are familiar with the customs of other countries and speak the most commonly spoken languages. 

Bringing the deceased back to the Netherlands 

Monuta receives instructions for bringing a body back to the Netherlands from major Dutch emergency call centres operating throughout the world. They use Monuta on account of our knowledge, experience and high quality of service. Monuta also arranges repatriations for private clients.

Repatriation arrangements taken care of by Monuta include the following:

  • contact with the Dutch funeral company, embassies and consulates;
  • taking care of the body; 
  • the casket;
  • transport (including dealing with formalities) to the Netherlands by plane or by car;
  • the necessary documents and authentication of such documents;
  • a realistic cost estimate.

Bringing the deceased back from the Netherlands 

Monuta’s repatriation service is also very experienced in taking a body to any country in the world.

Monuta takes care of the following arrangements:

  • final preparation of the body (including embalming, if applicable);
  • the casket;
  • transport to any airport in the Netherlands;
  • transport to the country of origin;the formalities, documents required at the airport or border;
  • contact with the funeral company in the country of destination;
  • realistic cost estimate.

What to do in the event of a death abroad?

In the event of the death of a relative or friend while you are abroad, contact the emergency response centre of your (travel) insurance. If you do not have a travel insurance. Then you can directly call Monuta via 0031 - (0)55 539 11 50.