Funeral insurance

A funeral insurance, unburden your next of kin

There is so much to be done when a loved one dies. So much has to be arranged in a short period, while your head is not ready to cope with it. Many Dutch people insure themselves for the costs of a funeral. When the time comes, not everyone has enough money to pay for a funeral. With a funeral insurance you can unburden your next of kin of all these concerns.

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What is a funeral insurance?

In the Netherlands many people take out a funeral insurance. If you take out a funeral insurance you are covered for the costs of your funeral, which can often amount to between € 6.500 and € 11.000.

In addition, after your death your next of kin can count on the full support of a funeral attendant and an amount paid for the funeral to be spent as you wish. In this way you prevent that your next of kin have to bear the financial burden of your funeral.

You pay a monthly premium for a funeral insurance, and the amount you pay depends on your age and the insured amount.

Your personal wishes also affect the total funeral costs. For example, a funeral with an extensive farewell service costs more than a cremation among a small circle of friends and family. 

What does a funeral insurance entail?

It is not an easy thing to think about your own farewell. Yet we increasingly see that people think about their own funeral wishes. A farewell with personal elements is becoming more popular. You can easily record your own wishes online, so that your next of kin are not left behind with questions about the style of your funeral.

If you are living and working in the Netherlands, you can take out a funeral insurance, whereby you need to go through the following steps:

  1. When concluding a funeral insurance, you can determine the amount of the insurance yourself. 
  2. Please enter your date of birth and calculate your personal premium.
  3. You determine which insurance is best suited to your individual needs. 
  4. Please enter your personal data and additional information.
  5. Please check the data and confirm your insurance.
  6. In this way you are assured of an appropriate farewell.

Funeral insurance and repatriation

There is a lot to think about when you or your loved one dies while you are abroad. If you want to organise the funeral in your own country of birth, it is possible to bring the deceased back to this country. This is called ‘repatriation’.

Read more about the repatriation service of Monuta.


  • Children up to the age of 18 are included free of charge
  • Immediate clarity about medical acceptance
  • Voted the best funeral insurer

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Our funeral insurance can be customised

When you have a funeral insurance with Monuta, you pay a premium for life. This is often a long period and a lot can change in this time. That is why Monuta has a flexible attitude and you can always contact us for changes during the term of your insurance. For example, when your family expands or when your funeral wishes change.

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